Customer Testimonials

The reviews are in! Our customers love BUTTERelixir, find out why.

Irisa Xiong Customer

It smells so good I feel guilty using it up too quickly. I actually prefer to use it for more delicate areas like neck and chest because the smell is so divine. But you can use it anywhere and if I had a tub of this stuff I would use it all the time.

Jessica Criswell Customer

Hello! I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy the products you offer. I originally found your products through a friend recently – and I must say, they have everything I could ever want. Beautiful benefits, pure and natural; I am obsessed. I am looking forward to purchasing many more items in the future! […]

Cheyenne Customer

I tried this product at my yoga studio. I had seen the original Butter Elixir and loved it. Baby is just as nourishing to the skin, but gentle with citrus notes that just energize the senses. If I had kids, I would slather them in this, but its just as good on me, and I will be sending it to my nieces, nephews and god-children.

Chyenne Customer

I have used Butter Elixir Face and I am in love with it. I have used the same products for years and this is probably the only one I have tried that I will undeniably be alternating into my daily skin regimen. It’s a gentle, pure, and hydrating oil that I noticed my face just really soaked in without leaving an oily or filmy residue. AND the rose hints make it such a heady concoction – the maker is after my heart with this product and I find myself using it on more than just my face. A heavenly product that I see myself using for years to come! I come from a culinary background where when we say “its like butter, ” it is an awesome compliment and this is more than deserving of such words and its name says it all. I would recommend anyone to try it

Rowena M. Customer

Simply put my face loves this product. It's not too heavy, it moisturizes my skin and it just feels and smells damn good.

Kat H Customer

A must-have. Between sweaty yoga classes and windy northeast winters, my skin is prone to both breakouts and dryness. Butter Elixir Face oil is the perfect remedy: moisturizing, soothing, and protecting my skin. Soaks in easily, non-greasy, and smells wonderful too. Cannot recommend the entire Butter line more highly!”

Heaven Customer

Better than BUTTER?! As a fashion pr, I was constantly on the hunt for the best product to reduce the appearance of extreme stress, lack of sleep, and overall exhaustion. I tried endless strings of expensive designer products but was constantly disappointed. BUTTER beats them all. Its smell transports you to the good life - the south of france, maybe, or somewhere remote and tropical. And your skin will thank you for renewal and happiness. SO in love with BUTTER. I give it my highest recommendation.

Richard Customer

“Butter elixir Bhakti -this hand blended creation shrouds my body with an exotic blend of jasmine and sandalwood that leaves my body feeling lush and my mind at ease. It’s that blissed out feeling you get after a Spa day.”

Madeline D. Customer

“This face oil is a wonderful moisturizer, and it has been so very good for my face and skin, I really can recommend it. The scent is very pretty but not overpowering, and best of all my skin feels so much better after applying it!. I also recommend putting just a one or two drops on your pillow at night, or behind the ears, as this elixir makes going to sleep more calm and relaxing. It’s a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones.”

Roodolph Senecal Customer

“I’ve been using BUTTERelixir for over two months and I Absolutely love it. Teaching and practicing yoga can leave your skin super dry. With a few drop of BUTTER Elixir if feel refresh, my skin feel hydrated. I’m so in love with this product I now use it everyday right after my shower. I would HIGHLY recommend this product”

Abbi Klein Customer

“This new oil is DIVINE! The jasmine, sandalwood, and myrrh scent brings the spiritual smells of India home. What other better way than to make your skin feel the devotion of your heart! The oil is an amazing cleanser and moisturizer, but now it’s going to be a favorite perfume as well!”

Simon Customer

“Butter is not just a product. When you use butter oil you enter a world of delicate fragrancy and deep moisturization. I just love it!”

ST Customer

“goodbye purple loofah, and HELLO BUTTERsponge! I am so happy to have found a natural, soft and absorbing sponge that is also easy on the eyes. My plastic loofah used to waste so much soap suds and leave my skin itchy. this sponge leaves my skin clean and hydrated without wasting too much soap. I especially love it because it is so aesthetically pleasing in my shower!”

ST Customer

“LOVE to shower with the BUTTER bar! I feel clean without being weighed down by heavy ‘clean scent’ artificial perfumes!”

ST Customer

“So happy to finally have a sturdy and strong reusable bag made from fabric! Easy, lightweight, and washable, I always have this BUTTERbag stuffed inside my handbag for impromptu grocery runs. I like that is so simple, with long enough handles to fit over my winter coat and carry all my grocerys. The best part is it is washable so it does not smell like food after I take my treats out of it!”

Anonymous Customer

“I was first introduced to Butter Elixir’s body oil through my yoga studio. I was originally hesitant to try it because I was afraid it would get my clothes oily and messy.

Anonymous Customer

I’m glad I ended up giving the oil a try after smelling how delicious and fragrant it is. I love that the fragrance is not overwhelming, so I don’t feel like an old lady who’s spritzed way too much perfume on herself. The combination of almond, argan, lavender, and chamomile is super yummy, exquisite, relaxing, and calming – all at the same time! And by yummy, I don’t mean it in an I’m-very-hungry-and-am-craving-a-nice-bowl-of-warm-soup way. You just… have to smell it for yourself.

Anonymous Customer

The oil applies onto my skin very luxuriously and smoothly. You know how sometimes when you apply conventional lotion, but no matter how much you put on, your skin still feels super dry? Well, it won’t happen with oil. My skin feels like it’s actually hydrated for once.

Dalia Customer

A little bit goes a long way, so the bottle can last for a very long time. Speaking of the bottle, I love that the oil doesn’t spill from the cap and the bottle comes with a cotton pouch, so I don’t have to worry about messes when I throw the bottle in my work bag, which also holds my laptop.Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anybody – friends, family, loved ones, strangers, etc. It’s a great alternative to lotion, especially for those who are concerned about the toxic chemicals that are commonly found in beauty products. Plus, what else is better than supporting a local business?”

Nazia Customer

“I’ve used this product and absolutely love it! It is the only way to go…….highly recommended!”

Rima R. Customer

“This combination of oils is the magic formula that I have become addicted to! I massage it on my face to keep my skin hydrated and protected. Butter Elixir Face is soothing & nourishing. It also penetrates the skin super easily. Who needs a face cream?”

Kate Customer

“This product is amazing and highly recommended for any skin type. I have not used any other moisturizer since I discovered this awesome product. The natural ingredients soak right into your skin and leave you smelling great all day.”

Shaina Customer

“The only product you need in your bathroom, yoga bag, dop kit. My Butter Elixir goes everywhere with me, I feel nourished when it is on my skin, like I am treating myself, caring for myself. The clean, lux scent comforts when a far . warning*** will make you friends, people somehow recognize the healing properties and gravitate! Butter is a lifestyle ~”

Eddie Customer

“This makes the perfect gift and so class, too Plus you get all ButterElixir products in one gorgeous gift box.”

Eddie Customer

“I am so happy with this product. It is part of of my nightly skincare regimen. I highly recommend this. A few drops is all you need for face and neck. #obsessed”

Susan Customer

“LOVE Butter Baby!! What an amazing product. My 9 month old started to get dry spots of early eczema. I tried Butter Baby and it worked right away to clear it up. Not to mention it smells delish! With all the junk and harmful chemicals found in some baby products, it’s so nice to be able to use something that works that is all natural. I highly recommend it!”

Yael Customer

“I love this oil . I just use 2 drops , it soak in fast and leaves my skin soft an glory . It last a long time . Than you Yael”

PMA Customer

“I started using Butter Face about 3 months ago on a regular basis and now I can’t live without it. Keeps my skin moisturized and helps maintain fine lines around the eyes. GREAT PRODUCT!! It’s natural too!! No Chemicals.”

Melissa Customer

“I love this product for after hot yoga and at night before bed. It keeps my face glowing all day long and my skin nourished at night. Also works well under make-up to avoid cakeiness, without the shine.”

Abbi Customer

“A short while ago, I would have been skeptical about putting oil on my face….. now I can’t believe I didn’t before! Not only does this blend of natural oils smell great, I love the feel of slathering a few drops on my face each morning; in addition to the natural moisturizing these oils deliver, the smooth feeling of my skin afterwards is now essential to my routine. Another bonus, a little goes a looonggggg way, making this a better alternative to those fake “natural” face moisturizers.”

Nancy Customer

“This product is my HG. It’s the only product that kept my sensitive skin happy after last years harsh winter. My skin always has an amazing glow and the scent is so decadent. Can’t say enough about this amazing product!”


Your product is amazing! My skin absorbs it, drinks it in immediately. The orange scent is wonderfully refreshing!

Christina M Customer

I love how smooth this lip butter applies to my lips. The texture is silky and the application is flawless. The formula is also lightweight which leaves my lips feeling smooth but not sticky. I really feel my lips absorbing the product! I would only recommend an easier way of applying it.

Cheyenne Customer

I have used Butter (the original elixir) for a week straight and have noticed a significant difference. I tend to stick with cocoa butter or oil based products for my skin, but I noticed that my skin truly absorbed Butter and that my skin was even softer to the touch. This past winter really did a number on my skin and I found when I used Butter, I thought it to be calming and nourishing. And the scent is warm, intoxicating and invigorating all at the same time .

Cindy L Customer

I was looking at this for a long time and I'm so glad I finally decided to make the purchase. It's a fairly light oil with a scent that's absolutely divine. Love it.

Sellers Customer

BUTTER Baby makes me swoon. Literally. I bought it as a gift for a friend's baby shower and couldn't resist opening it to smell and sample. Of course, immediately I ended up having to order a second because I wasn't about to give up this fantastic product. For those that are always on the hunt for a transformational face oil - here's your baby! BUTTER is everything and more: a genuinely pleasant, warm scent - oil without being oily - leaves skin smelling and feeling and looking fresh, healthy, and luminous. I can't recommend this product enough.

Heaven Customer

Better than BUTTER?! As a fashion pr, I was constantly on the hunt for the best product to reduce the appearance of extreme stress, lack of sleep, and overall exhaustion. I tried endless strings of expensive designer products but was constantly disappointed. BUTTER beats them all. Its smell transports you to the good life - the south of france, maybe, or somewhere remote and tropical. And your skin will thank you for renewal and happiness. SO in love with BUTTER. I give it my highest recommendation.

Dorian Customer

“Being a guy who traditionally has dry skin and hair and can never find a good moisturizer for either, I was a little suspect when I saw this at my yoga studio. However, being open I tried it and it was magnificent. For oil, it wasn’t oily, the scent was warm and comforting without overpowering. It left both hair and skin feeling soft and moisturized and lasted all day. Now this dude isn’t afraid to smell like BABY.”

Barbara M. Customer

“All of the products are delicious like butter. The face oil specifically has brightened my winter skin. Absolutely incredible!”

Sabrina Customer

“This is my new favorite oil! The scent is so wonderful and my skin looks and feels so much younger. Amazing, amazing product :)”

Regina Customer

“Excellent product for the scars !! Works …. Thank you Butter.”

Nacy Customer

“Excellent product for the scars !! Works …. Thank you Butter.”

Roody Customer

“I’ve been using BUTTERelixir for over two months and I Absolutely love it. Teaching and practicing yoga can leave your skin super dry. With a few drop of BUTTER Elixir if feel refresh, my skin feel hydrated. I’m so in love with this product I now use it everyday right after my shower. I would HIGHLY recommend this product”

Nancy Customer

“Love! Love! Love this product! The oil absorbs quickly, never greasy and scent is divine! It transports me to a far away exotic destination! Treat yourself!”

Alex Customer

“I use Bhakti on my hair twice a week as a deep conditioning treatment. My hair are shinier and thicker. Great product.”

Rebecca Customer

“Bhakti is my new Favorite Beauty oil, since i have been using it my skin is so smooth and soft!!!!…The scent is so nicely balanced. Love it! Thank you Butterelixir!”

Joannie Customer

“I love this product along with the BUTTER FACE OIL. This oil is quick absorbing, smells heavenly, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I highly recommend this product!”

Joannie Customer

“I’ve been using this product for almost a month and I love it! I’ve been using oil moisturizing products and this one by far is the best for my skin. I have semi sensitive skin and my skin took well to this product. It hydrates and absorbs quickly. It leaves my face feeling smooth. I especially LOVE the rose scent…It’s light, airy and pleasant. The scent is very subtle and not overpowering. I use about 4/5 drops to moisture my face and neck. I highly recommend this product!”

Annabelle S. Customer

“I loved the BUTTER lip so much that I gave one to my whole family for Christmas! It is so smooth and makes your lips feel so good especially in the dry wintertime! And it is so great because the ingredients are all really natural ! It is a teeny treat for your lips to carry with you.”

Annabelle S. Customer

“My daughter is pregnant and I gave her two bottles of this to moisturize her body with as she grows. She loves the fact that it is just the pure oils and feels so good on her skin! She wants more for when she has her baby!”

Lisa M. Customer

“Just open the top.. and the smell will take you somewhere near heaven.. feel it on your skin and your there.”

Raffaella Z. Customer

“Face Elixir was love at first trial ( in a friend bathroom) and now I am falling in love again with body oil. Textures and smell are just perfect, looking forward to apreciate results after prolongated use. Well done!”

Alicia Customer

“Can’t live without. I use it alone in the warmer months, and blend with a moisturizer in the winter. It feels amazing, smells amazing, and works incredibly well on my dry skin. So happy to have found it!”

Dan Customer

“I love this lip product, so much so I have 3 at all times – 1 in the car, 1 at home and 1 at work. It hydrates better than any other lip balm out there and tastes amazing. This really is an outstanding product and cant recommend it enough. All my friends that see it for the first time try to steal mine straight away – its that good.”

Seth Customer

“Got this when it first came out. I almost want to eat it. Super hydrating, and absorbs right away and doesn’t make my lips feels heavily coated, in a bad way. Great products Butter elixir.”

Seth Customer

“I absolutely love this original Butter body and hair oil. I travel fairly often, and this product ways goes where I do. Perfect to moisturize after showers, saunas, yoga, or even days at the beach. In the winter time, it’s perfect!!!!! Highly recommend this, and the mixture of essential oil scents in the product makes it the perfect go to product for your beauty regime (male or female).”

Rima R. Customer

“It’s the coziest product ever especially at the onset of winter. Butter Elixir is the most gentle thing to do for oneself. I absolutely love it like I like avocados!”

Nancy Customer

“What a wonderful product for kids of all ages! The product absorbs beautifully and the scent is delicious. I love how clean and organic this line is.”

Kathryn R. Customer

“I was recently introduced to Butter Elixer and absolutely love this product! It smells wonderful, not perfumy at all, it has a clean scent that works with the other earthy products I use (Aveda etc…) which is very important to me. Although it contains Almond and Argan Oils- it is not too oily. I have been using it as a body oil after showering and I love how my skin feels afterward. I am an artist and paint – cleaning my brushes often – which means I wash my hands a lot and my hands get really dry, but Butter Elixer has been a perfect go to product for moisturizing my hands as well. Try it out, you will be happy you did”

Ainslie F. Customer

“Oil I thought? But this oil completely absorbs into your skin and leaves it glowing and soft and radiant! And the smell is amazing. I can’t recommend this oil enough. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.”

Rina Customer

“This was the first Butter product that I bought, and I am obsessed! It leaves you skin so silky and smooth. It has the best smell, it isn’t too overpowering at all, and is very gentle. I proceeded to buy the face oil and the lip balm as well. Can’t wait!”

Kate G. Customer

“I don’t use anything else on my body or face after trying this product. These simple ingredients are all you need to have amazing skin and smell wonderful wherever you go. Absolutely recommended to all skin types.”

Lillith F. Customer

“It will be my go to gift this holiday season!”