Butter Elixir Supreme, an organic, non-liquid moisturizer, is a great addition too, since it comes in a super-portable little tub; it's blood-orange-cocoa butter-spiked scent helps keep me feeling yogic all day long, too!"

Lauren Mechling
VOGUE Senior Editor

Pecheux could teach a class in seduction. Maybe that's because he's French. Or because he's known for what he calls "naughty black eye" and lips that looks as though they've been kissing.(Or both.) Either way, when he has a secret to glowing skin, we listen. "I love the smell [of this oil]," he says. "I love that it's oily but it doesn't feel like there's much left over on the skin after application. You know how when you put on oil, it's hard for it to absorb and for makeup to stick? This doesn't do that. I discovered it about a year ago and have been loyal ever since."


I have sneakily become super crunchy in my beauty behaviors, and there are two products I need to survive this season. Butter Elixir's body oil is made with almond, argan, lavender, and chamomile; rubbed in after a shower, it's total heaven. And Fire Cider is my new favorite cure-all! You can use it as hair rinse or daily tonic.

Alessandra Codinha,
VOGUE.com Fashion News Editor