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    BUTTERelixir bhakti is for yogis at heart. In Sanskrit "Bhakti" means devotion to oneself or something higher.  Virgin Organic Sesame oil, Jasmine, Mysore Sandalwood and Myrrh pure essential oils are combined slowly over the course of a month and aged for two months allowing the extracts to bind together. The romantic quality of Jasmine paired with the deep notes of Sandalwood and Myrrh create a dynamic combination that is simply divine.The result is a rich silky texture with the interweaving earthy, smokey, and sweet scent of a southern indian summer night. Like all BUTTERelixir products, bhakti is Supernatural and Cruelty Free.

      • Ingredients: Virgin Organic Sesame oil, Jasmine, Mysore Sandalwood and Myrrh Pure essential oils. 4fl.oz/118ml

        All of our Plastic Containers are BPA Free and recyclableStore in a cool, dark place.

      • *To Cleanse* Apply directly to a dry face. Splash with warm water and massage into skin to remove impurities. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. As a make up remover apply to a cotton pad and wipe gently to dissolves make up. Will leave the skin feeling clean, soft, non greasy and nourished.

        *Skin* Apply to damp or dry clean skin after showering, bathing or steaming to reinvigorate the body and indulge in our completely unisex and calming scent. Keeps the skin supple and moisturized, while the unique formula of blended essential oils reduces feelings of anxiety and stress by keeping the mind calm yet alert. Use daily for long lasting delicious skin and aroma. 

        *Massage Oil* BUTTERelixir bhakti is the perfect luxurious Massage Oil. Apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub hands together to create some heat and even distribution. Work in circular motions over tender spots over the neck, back, legs and arms. Knead into tenacious knots along the spine and muscles to alleviate tension and soothe tired muscles.

        *Bath Oil* Make bathing a serene and calming getaway by using BUTTERelixir bhakti in the bath. Depending on tub size, add 5-10 drops of oil into warm bath water as the tub is filling. Soak as usual and enjoy a soothing scent while soaking in a skin-hydrating bath.

        *Ayurvedic Massage Oil* BUTTERelixir bhakti is the perfect belly massage oil. Apply 3 to 4 drops directly on belly and rub gently in a firm and precise clockwise circular motion from solar plexus to below the belly button. Helps to energize the digestion tract and bring blood to the stomach and intestines.

        This oil is supernatural, preservatives free and minimally processed, store in a cool dark place for maximum vibrance, please use within 6-8 months. For external use only, avoid direct contact with eye area. We suggest that you consult your physician prior to using any of our products if you are pregnant or nursing. Use with adult supervision.

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