BUTTERelixir face oil


  • BUTTERelixir face oil
  • BUTTERelixir face oil
  • BUTTERelixir face oil
  • BUTTERelixir face oil

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Often seen in the backstage setup of top Make up Artists and Gurus that are serious about beauty BUTTERelixir highly vibrational face oil is effective, ultralight and delicious. A perfectly balanced potion of "all the best oils" that instantly penetrates and infuses the skin with long lasting moisture, glow and radiance. Use just a few drops morning and evening on clean skin or a lot for a glorious face massage. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Apricot oil, Organic Virgin Rosehip oil, Argan oil, Wild Rose essential oil. 1 fl.oz./30ml

This oil is supernatural, preservatives free and minimally processed please use within 6-8 months. For maximum vibrance store in a cool dark place. Our glass containers are rated for Food Grade Safety and are fully recyclable. BUTTERelixir boxes are made of recycled SFI certified paper sourced in sustainably managed forests. Certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative Sourcing - SFI2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard.
Please recycle.

    "The scientists are scientists. What I'm looking for is results. The results are gorgeous and the rest of the makeup glows." Master Make-Up Artist Tom Pecheux 

    • Videos courtesy http://www.bycalliste.com/en/  
      For 20 years, Calliste Agency has been one of the best-known agencies in the world, bringing together top make-up artists and studio hairstylists. They operate in a world of catwalk shows, advertising campaigns, fashion and beauty photo shoots, advising top cosmetic brands from Paris to New York. They work with superstars, actors and models on a daily basis, behind the scenes, preparing them for the camera or the catwalk at fashion weeks around the world. Through ByCalliste, Karine and Armelle aim to share this artistic world with you each week, in the form of video tutorials, showcasing skills and sharing hair and make-up advice and tips. The concept behind ByCalliste is simple: it aims to make the world of beauty more accessible to more people.

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