THANK YOU we have been overwhelmed by your support and positive feedback on this project. As SADHU is not available for purchase at this time you might want to consider making a donation to keep the people of Brooklyn and Greater New York healthy and support our healthcare heroes:

In India, those who dedicate their lives to creating a world of harmony and compassion are called Sadhus. SADHU relief oil was inspired by their healing message of peace, inner beauty and liberation.

SADHU elixir is a collaboration between Jocelyne Stern and Lorenza Pintar, inspired by Jocelyne's travels to Northen India and her over  30 years studies of Yoga and holistic living. A non medicinal formula of natural oils and fresh organic essential oils traditionally known to be beneficial for body and mind. Formulated with great care SADHU relief oil is the wellspring of wellbeing.

Apply as needed with a gentle massage. For an extra relaxing sensory experience, warm a drop or two between your hands and inhale. Because of its warming quality is not intended to be used on the face and eyes area.

Ingredients: Organic Mustard Oil, Fresh Organic Ginger Oil, Marjoram & Clove pure Essential Oils, Saffron Pure Oil. 1.7 fl.oz - Formulated and crafted in the United States.

SADHU is not indented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent. 

This oil is supernatural, preservatives free and minimally processed please use within 6-8 months. For maximum vibrance store in a cool dark place. SADHU  glass containers are rated for Food Grade Safety and are fully recyclable, the cap is made of compressed wood with natural resin and is petrochemicals free. BUTTERelixir boxes are made of recycled SFI certified paper sourced in sustainably managed forests. Certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative Sourcing - SFI2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard.  
Please recycle. Tested on real people not animals.


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